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Diamond Doctor Customer Reviews

Real Reviews from Real Diamond Doctor Customers
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 11 reviews
by Michael Schneider on Diamond Doctor
They're fantastic!
City: Dallas
State/Province: TX

I worked with Leslie to create a ring. We found an excellent diamond, with excellent cut and polish. She had it completed before the time promised. They're fantastic!

by Stefanie C. on Diamond Doctor
I absolutely love this store!
City: Dallas
State/Province: Texas

I absolutely love this store! Its a two story building with a private lot to its side. When you walk in there is always someone there to greet you. I came in to have my ring size adjusted. My fiance designed a ring for me and it was just a tiny bit big. They looked over my ring and recommended putting in these little speed bump like things in it as opposed to sizing it down. It took about 4 business days and my ring was ready. It fits perfect now and Im really glad they didn't just size my ring down. Heaven forbid I gain weight, but if I do, I can have the little speed bumps removed and its a bit bigger in size. I would definitely recommend going here for custom jewelry or just to purchase something. They have a beautiful selection of jewelry and they are so friendly and helpful!

by Lillian Tse Renner on Diamond Doctor
Something for Everyone
City: Dallas
State/Province: Texas

We got my wedding ring and custom made my husband's ring from Diamond Doctor. Top quality diamonds, unbeatable price, and wonderful customer service. I am 110% confident about this place. It's a waste of time going to other dealers.We love our salesman Graham, all their staffs are very knowledgeable and will educate you base on any budget. Just last week, my husband took me there to see if I can get a ring made with my 3 son's birthstones. I found myself a beautiful setting, and Graham is going to place the birthstones in it, I can't wait to see how it turns out!!! They always have something for everyone for every occasions smile emoticon

by William Hehman on Diamond Doctor
City: Dallas
State/Province: Texas

Buying an engagement ring can be a daunting task; there is much to consider between, style, size, and of course how those variables affect price and budget. Jason Johnson and his team were the perfect people to walk my fiance and I though this process. Every single stone he showed us was beautiful, yet he was fair about pointing out inclusions and other defects in the stone (if applicable). This made us feel comfortable in making our decision. What I especially liked was how there was zero pressure to work with them, but after looking at a few different wholesalers and jewelers, it was very obvious that working with Jason and The Diamond Doctor was the way to go. They also had a very large selection of settings to go with the stone - making it a one stop shop. I had done my research on how much I should pay for the size, and quality I was looking for, and their prices were very fair. I would highly recommend the Diamond Doctor for anyone buying fine jewelry.

by Joe F. on Diamond Doctor
Nothing less than 5 star
City: Irving
State/Province: TX

From being greeted at the door to the final goodbye I can rate the experience that I had at Diamond Dr as nothing less than 5 star. I came here with my girlfriend (soon to be fiance) and we were walked through their entire catalog selections as we were carefully narrowing down styles and types of engagement rings. They were very upfront and helpful with our understanding of the types of rings and diamonds we were looking at. For a guy who knows little to nothing about Diamonds I feel like the education I received while visiting Diamond Dr was worth the trip in itself. I can rest assured that our jewelry needs while living in DFW are more than taken care of by having these guys just down the road. Truly a flawless experience.

by Ben S. on Diamond Doctor
The Park Place and Sewell of jewelry stores
City: Dallas
State/Province: TX

11/21/2015 Diamond Doctor is the Park Place and Sewell of jewelry stores, Dallas people will know what I'm taking about! I looked all over for an engagement ring for my fiancé and everyone had nice rings and nice diamonds, but no one gave me an experience like Diamond Doctor. Never once was I pressured into a decision or felt rushed. They also respected my budget and never tried to show me anything outside of it which happened at every other store I went to. They have a huge selection and I found they were priced extremely reasonable. We've also been back to pick out wedding bands and my fiancé has taken her engagement ring in to get cleaned and has been treated so well each time. I didn't think about how important it was to have such an amazing place for her to bring her ring in for cleanings at the time I was buying it, but with how happy she is with the service I am so happy I chose this store. They gave me an incredible experience and my fiancé loves the ring and more than that, she loves how she is treated every time she comes in!I would highly recommend not wasting your time at any other store.

by Elizabeth on Diamond Doctor
I couldn't be happier!
City: Dallas
State/Province: Texas

My fiancé bought my engagement ring from Carla at the Diamond Doctor. When we went to try on rings, we found her to be incredibly helpful. She only showed us rings within his budget and helped him get the most for his money. She could've gotten more money out of my fiancé (he originally wanted to buy me a larger but lesser quality center) but she wanted us to have the best quality center diamond, even if it meant less money (and less commission for her). My ring is BEAUTIFUL. I couldn't be happier. We will most certainly visit Carla again for my wedding band.

by Kate Ploetzner on Diamond Doctor
Very impressed with Diamond Doctor
City: Dallas
State/Province: Texas

I don't usually write reviews, but I just had to! My fiancé and I are so very impressed with Diamond Doctor, especially Alan. He found my fiancé the perfect diamond for my engagement ring that my fiancé designed, and Alan executed. Alan had great suggestions for the design of the ring to make it work well with a wedding band and he knew just the right quality of diamond that my fiancé should buy. He found a diamond that was the best bang for our buck (not overly high in quality/price, but just enough quality to make a statement). People think that my ring cost way more than it actually did, and I think that speaks volumes for the quality/competitive pricing at Diamond Doctor and also speaks volumes for Alan's eye for the perfect diamond. Thank you Diamond Doctor, especially Alan! I am 100% satisfied and we will return for our future purchases!

by Katie H on Diamond Doctor
The Best in the Metroplex!
City: Dallas
State/Province: Texas

My fiancé chose Diamond Doctor for my engagement ring. He worked with Leslie to put together the most stunning ring! It was a no brainer for him to take me back there for my wedding band. Once again, Leslie was absolutely phenomenal. She is so informative, patient, and fun! We had the best experience and found my dream ring! It was a custom order and came in even better than I expected! Everyone in the store is so nice and helpful, and they give you the most amazing time!

by Jennifer H on Diamond Doctor
Great experience!
City: Austin
State/Province: TX

I am the type of person who wants to be involved in picking out anything I wear, and of course this translated to my engagement ring. Even though my boyfriend and I had discussed ring shopping together, I was still concerned that it would be overwhelming and scary to walk into a jewelry store together. Before we decided to go to Diamond Doctor, I had been poking around on the internet, but I was still uncertain about what I wanted. From the minute we walked into the showroom, our experience was exceptional and just SO easy. The showroom is upscale but comfortable, and the case design and product layout is beautiful!

Although my boyfriend were shopping together, David immediately focused on what type of engagement setting I saw for myself. He obviously understood that I was there because I wanted to be involved in the selection process, and it was a relief to feel so included. After we made our introductions, David began the process by asking me questions about what I might want.

When I told him that I was uncertain what I wanted, but I knew what style I DID NOT want, he used that as a springboard for questions about what I did and did not like in rings that I've seen. These questions helped us narrow down our selection (Diamond Doctor has a massive selection!) to mainly solitaire settings with side stones. David caught onto my affinity for settings with diamonds on the head and prongs. And when something outside of the pattern we were developing caught my eye, I was encouraged to try it on and compare just to be sure we were on the right track!

While we were shopping, David taught us the anatomy of an engagement ring and ensured that we were educated on the different features of each selection and what benefits they had. He also shared information about the designers of each setting we looked at. The education we received was one of my favorite parts of the process.

At the end of my time at the Diamond Doctor, we had it narrowed down to just a few settings. I told David that I did not want to be involved in the selection of the center stone, so he respectfully limited his questions to just a couple in order to understand what type of stone I would most prefer. I thought that this was a tactful and respectful way to ensure that I got something I loved and that my boyfriend felt that he could shop for the center stone pressure-free in addition to maintaining an element of surprise.

Well, now we are engaged! My fiancé went with a Jack Kelege setting, and I could not be any more thrilled. I am incredibly happy that we went to Diamond Doctor and that he purchased from them. We will absolutely be getting our wedding rings from Diamond Doctor, too!

I recently stopped in unannounced to inquire about sizing, and the person who helped me upstairs was incredibly informative about how the ring should fit, accounting for swelling, and what work went into resizing a ring (once again, very educational). I was happy that she took that time with me without an appointment. The upstairs showroom has additional jewelry selections, including a pair of diamond stud earrings I now have my eye on.

Thank you again David and the Diamond Doctor family for being so warm, informative, and fair with us. We now have a trusted jeweler in Dallas that we plan on using for our future jewelry needs.

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